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Carpet Restretching NJ

Are you in need of Carpet restretching in NJ?  Many people put off getting their carpets restretched because they don’t know where to go or because it just never seems that important. Getting professional carpet restretching at the first sign of trouble will prolong the life of your carpet,  prevent further damage, and potentially save someone from injury.

Why do carpets need restretching?

Carpet restretching in New Jersey is sometimes necessary due to the high humidity and the drastic temperature fluctuations we experience during the four seasons. Occasionally the carpet will be lifted from the tack strip due to some construction and this will cause the need for restretching as well.  Unfortunately, more times than not, if you need carpet restretching it is because of improper installation. Proper installation requires the use of a power stretcher. Once your carpets are power stretched, they should never buckle again.

Why choose us?

CarpetRestretchingNJ.com provides professional and affordable carpet restretching in NJ. We restretch your carpets according to manufacturer recommendations and CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) standards. All of our experienced mechanics use power stretchers and we guarantee that the problem will not return. We also move your furniture if necessary and thoroughly clean up the work area.

What else do you do?

Our professional mechanics also do carpet repairs and fix damage caused by storms, pets, kids, construction, Uncle Bob, etc. Did your basement flood, did you spill some bleach, maybe you dropped a candle or cigarette on the rug, whatever the repair, we can help.

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